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The Prius Hybrid Repair Shop is here to provide you with quality auto parts from reliable sources for you DIY's out there. below are some products from Amazon that we recommend to our customers. products ranging from basic maintenance to add on accessories



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Tool Set


protect your Catalytic convetrer

Catalytic converter thief is really common for all prius hybrids. Below is a link to your own Cat shield for all 2nd gen prius owners. If you have a different generation prius, you can fins links to your correct year of prius on our home page.

prius years 04-09

do you need new headlights? below is a link to a reliable brand and the price is 1/4 the price from the dealership! there's no reason to spend over $200 for a headlight bulb with dealership pricing when you can get them way cheaper on amazon

no more messy spills

here at the shop we use our coolant spill free funnel daily. It is a inexpensive yet durable product to have. It is a must need if you ever need to refill your coolant in your prius, with the spill free design you will get the job done faster and a lot less messy

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