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do you have symptoms of a bad head gasket? low on coolant? shaking at cold start up? check engine light on? bring it by the shop to first get it diagnose but most likely you have a blown or leaking head gasket. don't pay thousands to get the head gasket replaced or engine rebuilt, those options are not reliable. instead consider installing a Low mileage JDM engine. all engines are inspected and tested prior to installing. our engine replacements also come with a new water pump, new thermostat, new spark plugs, new fluids (oil and coolant) we also do a free cleaning of your air intake manifold, EGR valve/cooler, and throttle body along with a new PCV valve. these engine come with a standard 3 month warranty with the option of a 6 month or 1 year warranty at an additional cost



with this engine replacement option, you are upgrading your Prius with an engine that Toyota redesigned internally to fix that dreadful head gasket issue that the 3rd gen Prius had. this engine replacement comes with all the same parts and services that the JDM engine replacement offers but this 4th gen engine comes with a standard 1 year warranty.



Sometimes when there's a battery issue, there's no other choice than to do a full swap. Due to the fact that their might be a substantially amount of low voltage cells.  Refurbished batteries go through a complexed testing process and we fully test each full battery beforehand. The full swap comes with a 3 month warranty on whole battery with an option for an upgraded warranty for 1 full year for $300 more. we also now offer Low mileage batteries which is now our longest lasting repair, Low mileage batteries start at $1500.

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